Ten Facts About Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening remains hugely popular in the UK and has seen the number of treatments steadily rise over the last decade. Ensuring that tooth whitening must be carried out by a dental professional has eased the concerns from consumers worried about the safety and quality of service they are receiving.

Ten Facts about Tooth Whitening

  1. A third of all cosmetic dental treatments carried out involves tooth whitening.
  2. Few people have brilliantly white teeth, and your teeth naturally become discoloured as you get older.
  3. ‘Hydrogen Peroxide’ or ‘Carbamide Peroxide’ are the active ingredients which are used in tooth whitening.
  4. Most tooth whitening products bought over the counter do not contain enough peroxide to be effective and are unlikely to change the colour of your teeth.
  5. Tooth whitening only works on natural teeth and will not work on dentures, crowns or veneers.
  6. Most tooth whitening treatments normally take two to three weeks.
  7. Tooth whitening can last up to three years.
  8. Known short term side effects of tooth whitening can include increased tooth sensitivity, sore throats and white patches on the gum line.
  9. Whitening toothpastes do not affect the colour of your teeth, but may be more effective at removing staining to restore the tooths natural colour.
  10. Tooth whitening is only rarely available on the NHS.

Further information is available from https://www.dentalhealth.org/

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