Changes to How We Are Working

Changes to How We Are Working at Battle Hill Dental Practice

For us it is especially important that all our patients know in the wake of coronavirus, that your dental team at Battle Hill Dental Practice is making sure you are safe when you visit us and during your treatment. Firstly, the treatment room will be very well ventilated. During active treatments we will have both our extractor fan and air conditioning unit functioning to ensure a constant air change reducing the potential viral load in any aerosols we are creating during your treatment. Hence, it may be a little chilly in the surgery!

You will see us wearing extra protective equipment when we are undertaking fillings and other restorative work like crowns or bridge preparations. We have found it can be a little tricky to verbally communicate between ourselves when we are wearing our respiratory masks, so please be patient with us if it doesn’t all flow wonderfully well as it did before!  As always, our equipment is fully sterilised or ideally, where possible, single use.

All dental practices will be using equipment and techniques with a lower risk of spray. This means lots of high volume suction to clear the spray at the point of aerosol production and the use, where possible, of a special small rubber protective sheet, called a rubber dam, fixed over the tooth we’re working on to again reduce the potential viral aerosol.

We are allowing much more time between patients to allow any potential aerosol to settle before the whole surgery is thoroughly cleaned prior to seeing the next patient. This necessity for extensive cleaning between patients may lead to your actual treatment time being delayed for a few minutes while our nurses prepare the surgery for you, but, as always, I’m sure you will all understand the reasons for these additional, precautionary measures.

Patient and Staff Safety

The final changes you will notice during the new dental practice experience at Battle Hill Dental Practice is when you leave. Firstly, it is safer to pay with a contactless card if you can and to ideally use your own pen to sign any paperwork. If you would like us to email any information about your treatment or other treatments you may be interested in, then please let us know. Finally, if you were asked to place your belongings in one our containers on arrival, these will now be returned to you.

It is important to us that you, as our patients, are reassured by the extra health and safety measures that we have introduced. All changes that have been made are for the safety of both our staff and you, our patients.