Campaigning to Improve Mouth Cancer Awareness

Mouth cancer action month is in November and remains a focal point for everybody across the country to take action and help spread awareness of the disease.

The Oral Health Foundation uses Mouth Cancer Action as a chance to work closely with oral health educators, health professionals, schools and workplaces to increase their important work of delivering oral health education, especially in disadvantaged communities and regions of known poor oral health, to deliver better awareness of mouth cancer.

They have supported more than 3,600 healthcare organisations taking part in the campaign, facilitated around 350 specialised mouth cancer events around the UK, which specifically aimed to visually examine those patients at risk of mouth cancer.

As a charity looking to make a positive impact in the public arena, they have been able to influence policy regarding smoking, alcohol, diet and gender-neutral HPV vaccinations.

Look for the blue ribbon badges to show support for Mouth Cancer Action Month.

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