A New Way We Can Communicate with You

Video Consultation

Our new “Online Video Consultation” facility is up and running and can be accessed directly from our main practice website page https://hexhamdentist.co.uk/  This facility has proved hugely popular over the past few weeks when many of our patients have been in isolation and Richard believes it will continue to be an increasingly valuable method of communication in the future.

We’re very excited by this innovative idea as it means Richard can have a live, direct video linked discussion with any patient that has internet access. The huge advantage is that it saves you having to travel in to Hexham for your initial consultation, reducing the number of appointments you need as Richard can after having chatted with you, and maybe even remotely looked inside your mouth, can plan with you the appointment you need to, for example, have the tooth repaired in a single visit. You may not even need to come into the surgery at all! This will save you time, the cost of travelling into Hexham and parking and reduce your risk to the continuing threat of the coronavirus.

Richard is very happy to chat to anyone whether the query is about a dental problem you may be having, treatments you may be considering like tooth whitening, tooth straightening, new crowns or veneers, the replacement of dentures with something more permanent or new patients wishing to meet Richard “face-to-face” before coming in to see us!

Richard is now considering ways how this technology can be further used within the dental setting: the reviewing of both orthodontic retainers and dentures are two brilliant examples.

If anyone can think of any other ways how the use of this technology can be expanded and incorporated more in to how we work and communicate with you, please let us know!

Accessing the request is straight-forward whether you’re one of our valued existing patients or a new patient of our practice. You’re all very welcome to use it! Visit our main practice website page https://hexhamdentist.co.uk/ click on the, “Request Video Consultation” button, leave some information and then Richard will be in contact to set up a video chat via Zoom.

All video consultations are end-end encrypted and will not be recorded, but Richard will make notes that will be entered into your treatment records that, of course, are available to you.